Check out Daniel Craig in London on Sunday night shooting Bond Spectre. God he looks great in that ¾ coat. Actually, no, he looks great in both coats.

Spectre is due in theatres November 6. That…doesn’t feel like it’s too far away. And I feel like it doesn’t leave a lot of time for post. I mean, if they wrap in June, that’s only 5 months. Less, actually, since you probably want to give a couple of weeks buffer before the release date.

Some film people tell me it’s more than enough time to cut and some film people tell me that, yeah, it’s pretty tight, but with that kind of budget, it shouldn’t be a problem. Budget? That was the big anxiety during the Sony email leak when the studio was worried that the cost of the movie might get up to $350 million. That’s making me nervous and it’s not even my money.