Just got back from Vancouver Whitecaps/LA Galaxy presser, obviously the room was packed for one person and one person only though before describing Becks, just have to say, call me Cruise but Alexi Lalas is actually kinda hot too. Is it just me?

So David was wearing an LA Galaxy shirt and training pants, very lean in person, and to be honest – I’m not feeling the hair or the facial growth (makes him look like a rat) so, while he is forever the quiveration, he has certainly looked better.

Very tan but not orange, 5 ft 11 max, and most surprising of all – his voice is actually less creepy when you hear it live. A little deeper in fact. Without any lizard-like qualities. And he squints a lot, when he’s not talking he scans the room all squinty-eyed and sexy, rubbing his lips slowly with the fingertips of his right hand.

Loin explosion. But also not deliberate or rehearsed, unlike his wife.

Speaking of his wife, there were to be no personal questions, but he did mention her quite a bit. Only referring to her as “my wife”. He said he enjoyed being in Vancouver and that he would be back in a month for the “Spice Girls thing”. Which really was the only real reminder of the “brand”. In person, he’s almost…


A really good looking athlete without any air of excess or ostentatiousness and you can’t help but wonder – what is it like when he’s looking at his plastic partner? No wonder they pick on Victoria. David’s vanity is so well hidden, it’s really quite easy to believe that he’s dumb, that she controls, that he can’t think for himself when in fact, the opposite is probably true.

In all fairness though, unlike his Posh, David Beckham really is rather warm. I asked him a question about his Academy so he answered looking right at me, smiling, grateful for the interest, and I won"t lie. I felt flush.

Am told he was lovely with the staff, well mannered, obliging with fans, and of course those journalists who woke up at 4 am today to get started on their hair.

A few of them approached with their digital cameras for photos hoping for an invitation to his suite later on. You have to wonder how much ass he has lined up for tonight. As I was leaving I saw him pose for a picture with an eager blonde. She had fake nails painted French manicure (of course) and beamed when he squeezed her on the shoulder before leaving. She puffed out her chest as she turned around, embellishing the story already in her mind, desperate to get to a computer so she could FaceBook the image and as I headed up the elevators, up to my anniversary truffles and a patient husband, I thought – well no wonder Victoria is such a freak.