Not even I’m immune to how cute these pictures of H7 and her dad are as they share ice cream. And she looks pretty demanding about her ice cream time too. Like there’s no asking nicely when it comes to H7’s next spoonful. David Beckham is her ice cream bitch. It must be nice to know you’re still needed by one of your children.

He’s been telling stories about how his sons almost don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. Don’t kiss me dad. Don’t drop me off at school too close to the doors. I’m going to Coachella, see you later! Don’t call me!

That was Brooklyn Beckham this weekend at the festival. And, as his mother observed, exhausted when he got home:



Back from Coachella @brooklynbeckham x vb😴

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The closest I’ve come to understanding this is with my nephew, same age as Brooklyn, who takes 3 days to text me back even though I KNOW he’s on his phone All.The.Time. Until he needs a hookup. This is the gift of adolescence: exploitation.