Um. This might keep me busy tonight. Right before I fall asleep.

Harry Styles – with a few other members of One Direction – attended the premiere of The Class of 92 last night in London. At one point he posed with David Beckham. A couple of weeks ago, I posted these photos of Becks in China with the comment, “Just me…or does he not look so good anymore?” Evidently it was just me because you shouted down my ass over email.

But…did you really look that closely? Sometimes people look with their memories. You see the person as you expect them to be, at their best. Johnny Depp is a good example. It took a while for your eyes to catch up to the reality of what Johnny Depp’s become now. Brad Pitt too. That’s not to say that Becks is a pile of sh-t now, of course not. At the same time, he’s not this anymore either:

But what you’re looking at above was once this:

Not unlike Harry Styles now, right? Probably around the same age. So… what will Harry be like in his physical prime?