Because their real life is so grueling.

Posh and Becks were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in the Seychelles but returned today, touching down at Heathrow looking coordinated and perfect, with their grim faces on for the paps like they’re sad to see them. Oh please.

After picking up the kids in France somewhere David, I think?, is expected to return to LA for the Galaxy’s new season, just in good time for the release of The Beckham Experiment on July 14th, a new exposé on the superstar footballer’s move to America and the f-ckery behind the scenes. Click here for an excerpt.

Apparently a few of David’s Galaxy teammates including Landon Donovan agreed to be interviewed for the book and, on the record, slammed Becks for being uncommitted and lazy and selfish. There is also some information about the Beckhams’ closeness with the Cruise family though the author does not believe they’ve become Scientologists…yet.

Since the Beckhams have yet to react publicly though, and have barely bothered to acknowledge the book’s existence, insiders speculate that they’re really not all that worried about the effect, if any, the book’s release will have. Knowing them they’re probably happy about it. Publicity they didn’t even have to pay for – always a bonus.

But poor Posh is still being tortured by Anna Wintour. At this rate JailBait Miley Cyrus will get a Vogue cover before Victoria Beckham.

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