H7, her mother, and her brothers were dropped off at LAX the other night by dad David who did not travel with them to London as he’s preparing for the MLS Cup Final on December 1 once again against Houston. Needless to say, Posh and the kids will be back well in time to watch Becks play for the Galaxy one last time. As you probably know, he announced this week that after six years, he’s leaving the club. They say he wants to give football in Europe one more shot before it’s really, really, really too late, although several Australian teams are apparently moving aggressively to secure him. Can you imagine Victoria full-timing it Down Under? I mean, it would have to be sick money. Like stupid stupid money.

This might be my favourite Victoria Beckham travel outfit of all time. Are all the children wearing Burberry? Does she want her own family ad? H7 looks sleepy. And she still has to change when she gets on the plane. The Beckham girls do not fly casual.