David Beckham is in Miami. He was photographed yesterday lounging on his hotel balcony with his shirt wrapped around his head. Becks has been trying to make an MLS team happen there. Miami? A lot of people think that Miami is where fidelity goes on holiday.

With that in mind, let’s talk about this Page Six report from last night. They’re saying that on Monday night/Tuesday morning, at 1:15am, Becks and three of his boys hit the club. While he was there, “Taz’s Angels” were trying to get him to notice:

A dozen scantily clad “video-vixen-type women” came strutting in together and sat at a table close by. The women then began “dancing on the tables and standing on the tables right across from Beckham. They were twerking to get his attention.”

Here’s a recent video from the Taz’s Angels Instagram account:



What is this? @ashleymartelle @leenasayed_ 😂

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So, basically, all that was right up in his face, trying to wake up his dick that night. And yet Page Six’s source maintains that Becks did not react:

But the soccer god, we’re told, “was the only one not paying them any mind whatsoever. He was super low-key and didn’t care about them at all — though they were impossible to ignore.”

Thanks, “source”.

Can we recap though? Four dudes, including David Beckham, who has his history, you know the history, decide to hang out at the club in MIAMI at ONE FIFTEEN IN THE MORNING.

To talk?

F-ck no. I’m so stupid. How could I forget the real reason? The only reason. You know the reason? They will always tell you that THIS is the reason?

They play really good music there.