Pipsqueak is a big f-cking deal. But he’s not a legend, yet.

While Justin Timberlake’s approach was to hijack awards shows with his return to music after 6 years, while teasing people for days beforehand, and shooting some kind of arty video, David Bowie just dropped his new song on his 66th birthday, totally by surprise, without any fanfare or self-dicksucking. He then confirmed he’s releasing an album in March.

For a long time there have been rumours that Bowie is unwell. He had heart surgery in 2004. They said he was dying. They said he was a recluse. They said he was losing his mind...

Have you heard the song?

No, it isn’t exactly ...uplifting. But it’s SO.BEAUTIFUL. And in the video, right before he sings Where Are We Now for the time, I can’t not cry, sometimes sob. If you haven’t yet, the video is below. It’ll make you miss the people you miss.  

Attached - Bowie in New York on Friday.