Today in WTF News: David Fincher has signed on to direct World War Z 2. The last time Fincher directed a sequel was Alien 3, his first feature film, all the way back in 1992. The last time Brad Pitt starred in a good World War Z movie is never. World War Z was a famously troubled production that Pitt somehow pulled out of his ass to make an on-paper success (there’s no way that sh*t made money in real life). It’s been four years since World War Z was released and I’m still mad about how f*cking terrible it is.

The chemistry on the project is, so far, promising. Pitt and Fincher go way back, and have made two great movies together (Se7en and Fight Club), and one interesting indulgence (Benjamin Button). This would be their fourth collaboration, and it sounds to me like Fincher is pretty much doing it as a favor to his friend, which means Pitt must know he needs a master to help him salvage the wreckage he’s made of a brilliant book. And Paramount’s new chief, Jim Gianopulos, has a good relationship with Fincher as well, having collaborated with him on Gone Girl when Gianopulos was the head of Fox. So these are people who know each other and who have done good work together in the past, and now they’re coming together to, try and redeem Pitt and World War Z.

So maybe the sequel has a chance. Pitt and everyone else knows they f*cked it up the first time, and Fincher doesn’t really make bad movies, he just makes slightly less good ones. So even if WWZ 2 isn’t his best effort, there’s no way it’s worse than the first one. It is literally not possible to f*ck up WWZ anymore than it has already been f*cked up. This franchise can only go up.