TMZ reports that David O Russell was screaming and cussing at Jennifer Lawrence on Tuesday in Boston, on the set of Joy. It’s their third collaboration. She’s been nominated for an Oscar the previous two times they worked together (Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle).

David apparently also cockblocked Harvey Weinstein on set when he wanted to come visit. Supposedly the shoot schedule is tight and he didn’t want the distraction. You gotta have some balls to shut down Harvey. Oh and one more thing – David was also allegedly yelling at a studio executive and made her cry.

The studio, naturally, has a different interpretation of what went down. They claim he was simply trying to help Jennifer with her motivation in the scene, yelling at her to show how he wanted to play it. And supposedly, though the conversation was tense, the studio executive didn’t cry.

Which means he WAS shouting. And there WAS an argument.

But this isn’t new. You’ve all seen the video of him berating Lily Tomlin, right? It’s uncomfortably hilarious, or maybe it’s just me because I always laugh at awkward situations. And also the way Jason Schwartzman just sits there with his leg up.

Lily Tomlin isn’t the only person who couldn’t stand him. George Clooney tried to punch him on the set of Three Kings years ago when David was being a dick to some extras. They say he’s calmed himself since then.

Obviously not.

But I’d be curious to see him try that sh-t with Bradley Cooper around. How does Coop handle a situation like that?

Can we move on now? To these new pictures of Lawrence yesterday wearing glasses? And more importantly these other pics of her earlier this week with her VERY HOT BODYGUARD??? As in way hotter than Chris Martin bodyguard?