A few weeks ago US Weekly reported that Demi Lovato and John Mayer were flirting at a club in Hollywood. This weekend she was in New York with Luke Rockhold, a UFC fighter. They were papped hand in hand. And she made it Instagram official:


About last night..

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So I guess that means no John Mayer. Which I love because John Mayer would have loved to be the one. And not only is he not the one, he may have simply been a little leverage for Demi to send a message. 

As for Luke, I mean, I don't know much, if anything, about UFC and MMA. They were at the Conor McGregor-Eddie Alvarez fight. And I only started caring about Conor after Taffy Brodesser-Akner told me to in GQ. Conor is now the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts. Also his girlfriend Dee Devlin is expecting their first child. And I am attracted to him in a filthy way. Once again, I blame Taffy for this. But, seriously, "fight" guys have never been my thing. Jacek, my husband, isn't a guy who fights. Like I never ever worry that we'll be out and drinking one night and he'll end up in a brawl. He's more likely to get stoned instead of drunk and break up a fight with his lame ass dad jokes. Or bore the fight out of people by telling them in explicit detail about the round of golf he just played.

Last week, my friend Dylan was in a proper fight for charity. One of those things where they set up dinner tables around a boxing ring and after dessert they call up amateur boxers to fight in front of a crowd of suits. Dylan is not a fighter either, although he's a lot more cocky than Jacek. There's an edge to Dylan that's connected to an inner "on" switch. That switch doesn't flip when we're out - not unless he's compelled to defend a friend, he'd never start a fight - but it can be channelled quite effectively in a controlled environment. Like a boxing ring. And there was a moment in the second round (the fight was only three rounds) when we could see in his eyes that, f-ck it, he'd had enough, and then he turned into the scrappy street kid he was growing up and turned the fight in his favour.

We were all there, on our feet, screaming ourselves hoarse, willing him to win (he did). Duana, Kathleen, Sasha, and I, firmly on his side, not out of bloodlust but because he's like a brother to us. We wanted what he wanted, because when you love someone, you hope they achieve their goals. And also, we really didn't want to see him get hurt. For us though, it was a one-off. Dylan will not become a professional pugilist. It was all he could do to not go out and drink on Halloween weekend four days before. So I can't imagine what it must be like, this was a way of life, to have to, every few months or so, watch your partner or brother or son or child get f-cked up or f-ck someone up. Would you be up for it? Is Demi Lovato?