As posted yesterday, Demi Moore is in Miami with her new boyfriend Vito Schnabel. They were at a party together on Wednesday night where Demi couch-danced beside Lenny Kravitz. Apparently Demi and Vito were all over each other away from the cameras but yesterday, as Vito hit the beach on his own, he supposedly denied it when a pap asked him whether or not he and Demi were hooking up. According to a Page Six source, “Vito and Demi didn’t want to be pictured together. They want to keep their relationship as private as possible, and he is determined to be taken seriously in the art world rather than be known as a celebrity.”

Shinan Govani of The National Post was at that party and, well, the reports aren’t exaggerated about Demi’s behaviour. In fact, in person it may have been worse than in the photos, a few of which I’ll reattach here.

Laura and I were talking about this at work yesterday. She was saying how frustrating it is that Demi doesn’t get it. That in this demographic - these actors - the best revenge is SUCCESS. Success is not another younger man. Success is in the business. Not too long ago, and before Ashton Kutcher, Demi was A List. Solidly A List. She could make any call -- put me in a supporting role, make my ugly, give me a tragedy, and then get me a nomination. Please. That would hurt him where he really feels it. In this environment, for these people, that’s how you answer.

The men, they understand this. The women...

So many of them don’t.

Certainly not Demi Moore.