After two topnotch seasons, #3 has been less than stellar. First the gaycist drama with Isaiah Washington, then the revisiting of the gaycist drama with Isaiah Washington following the Globes in January, then Katie Heigl’s defence of TR Knight, then TR’s self defense on Ellen, then Isaiah goes to rehab… and now this. Now Katherine Heigl wants more money, doesn’t feel appreciated, and has broken off contract talks. All this on top of the fact that the show sucks donkey ass right now – spoiler, look away, caution – at the conclusion of the weakest, lamest, CHEESIEST 3 episode storyline that found validation for Meredith in the hallways of heaven. It was painful to watch and it was embarrassing to watch, which is why I don’t want to watch but I probably will continue to watch because … well… because trains headed for disastrous wrecks are fascinating to watch, know what I mean? Buzzing in LA about this Heigl situation is that she felt her Dead Denny storyline from last year carried the show and that she deserves to be on par with the likes of Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo. Further to that however is her belief that they are actually all on par with each other, that Grey’s is very much an ensemble piece and as such, all cast members should be compensated equally across the board. Just like Friends. Am hearing rumours right now that she’s already talked TR on board and that they’re lobbying everyone else to stand in solidarity though how she’s being received is not yet known. As for those reports that everyone hates Kate Walsh because of the Addison spin-off, I’m actually told that that’s rubbish. Apparently the only one on tilt about the situation is Ellen Pompeo – no explanation required – but my sources say the others don’t mind. Addison’s departure means (they hope) more focused writing and of course more action for them. Story developing, stay tuned… Source