You in the mood for some Celebrity Friend Envy? Denzel Washington and Lenny Kravitz had dinner last night in LA. Look exactly as cool as you’d expect them to look together.

Denzel and Lenny.

Do you think they talked about whether or not to share the brussel sprouts? I will always order brussel sprouts on a menu. Even if I’m having the burger, I’ll get the side of brussel sprouts.

These two have been hanging out together for a while now. They go on holiday. Sometimes in Italy. Where Denzel is the one who gets to eat and shames Lenny for not eating. Then they watch all of Denzel’s movies. With Denzel’s commentary. On a boat.

How’s that envy? Pretty intense, non? It’s worse when you watch it. This is from last year.

More envy? You will never look as good in a grey pair of skinny jeans as Lenny Kravitz.