Sorry about the not-very-creative title but there really is no way to say it. Dev Patel was the cutest last night. No, Lainey, Sunny Pawar was the cutest. Sunny was cute but one-dimensionally, like cute little kid cute. Dev, on the other hand, had cute multitudes.

He’s super cute when he’s with Sunny, as we saw at the Golden Globes. But check out this major cuteness, the look on Dev’s face when Sunny has his moment:

And before that on during the preshow, making sure Sunny was red carpet ready:

And how cute was Dev with his mom. Thank you for the Dev Patel and his mom cutaways, control room. We could have used more. Like, will you ever tire of this GIF? No. You’re probably not even going to read the rest of this post because you’re so mesmerised by there is no debate, this is f-cking adorable:

Finally… Dev and Andrew Garfield. Did you even know you wanted them to be best friends?

Forget about Andrew and Emma Stone. We need so much more of Dev and Andrew. Like… is Dev now invited into the Andrew and Eddie Redmayne BFF circle? Can he be, please?