Late last year, Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus were reportedly all over each other at a bar in New York while Joshua Jackson was travelling the world. Click here for a refresher. They both denied that they were hooking up.

Here’s Diane with Joshua at the Smart People opening night in New York, their first red carpet since whatever did or didn’t happen with Norman went down. Which means they’re still together. And want you to know they’re still together. And they know that you’re Photo Assuming the sh-t out of these shots to see if they’re actually, really, still together.

I mean they look fine to me. But I received an email earlier from someone who was like, OMG there’s so much tension there. Is there really tension or are we thinking there might be tension and seeing tension where there is no tension? I do see a great black suit though. And I love her makeup.

By the way, Diane Instagrammed this just today – movie poster with Norman Reedus.


USA. April 15th !

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And then followed up with a photo of Joshua.

Note the timing of this. To do it after she and Joshua make a statement last night about their status. And then she promotes the film with Norman. And then, in case you jump to conclusions, a follow-up including Joshua so that, hopefully, you decide that there was no ish with Norman and that she and Joshua were never vulnerable. Ironically that makes me more suspicious than ever.