Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson went to a dinner party last night. This entire outfit is making me hard. But no one is paying attention to it because of the ring. There’s a big ass ring on her finger and this is what happens – there’s a ring and people lose their sh-t.

She’s worn a ring on that finger before. Many times. And each time you ask – ARE THEY ENGAGED OMG!?!?

If this is an engagement ring, I don’t think he did a very good job. Think about it – is this a ring she’ll be able to wear all the time with any outfit? No one talks about the versatility of an engagement ring because they’re too busy focusing on the size of the stone but no matter the cut, style, karat, whatever, what most engagement rings have in common is that you can wear them with almost everything. And this particular ring on Diane doesn’t have that quality.

So can we go back to her outfit now? I want that sweater. Because I don’t think it will leave lint streaks everywhere.