Since Adele gave birth in October, there’s been the usual rush to get the “post baby” shots. US Weekly scored photos a week after she had her baby boy and broke down her entire look – hair, clothing, makeup – as if it were a matter of national security. Click here to see.

A week?! Come on. Anyone who’s had a baby knows that just a week later, your body is still a total mess. I understand if they want a picture, but reporting extensively on her looks serves what purpose? Does it matter what Adele looks like one week after having a baby, or 6 months after having a baby? She’s not a model or an actress who trades on her looks (and even they should not be scrutinized). Can’t anyone get a pass from the “post baby body” conversation?

Now that she’s back on the scene for awards season, everyone wants to know everything, starting with the baby’s name. In fact, people are downright suspicious that she hasn’t revealed his name, as if she’s hiding something.

In December, The Sun UK reported that she faced a fine for not registering the baby with the government within the allotted time. If that is true (big IF), she was probably trying to stop his name from being leaked. Or she forgot to fill out the paperwork, or was taking the time to decide on a name, or… who knows. And she’s likely not going to tell us.

As Adele said backstage at the Globes, “I am not sharing his name at the moment. It is very personal to me.”

Yes, a name can be personal. A baby can be personal. In an age when a fetus’s photos are plastered on the internet before they are even born, a celebrity withholding information means they are keeping “secrets.”

Leading up to the Oscars Adele is in LA and getting papped on the regular, and was spotted this week wearing an “Angelo” necklace.

So she wants to keep it private, but then wears a necklace with his (possible) name. This is where I would usually AS IF her to death. But I can’t. Not Adele. I believe that she wants privacy AND wants to celebrate him and be a gushy mom, and that these two things can happen simultaneously, without ulterior motives. I don’t know if I’m less cynical with Adele because she's insanely talented, or has a charming accent or just that I don't ever, ever want to put her in the same category as the Albas and Simpsons of the world. She’s a singer who had a baby, not a celebrity mom – can we let her be Adele, or does she now have to turn into “Angelo’s mom”?