Before we begin, please be warned that I might get a little boasty. Sorry.

So. Chris Martin and Coldplay are the musical guests on Saturday Night Live last weekend. He has trouble with the high notes. Alexa Chung attends the Costume Institute Gala on Monday night. She has trouble with the high fashion. They’re in the same city. Annndd…?

Well, on Tuesday night this showed up on Twitter:

Twitter sightings aren’t always reliable, I get that.

But I believe this one because, um, I was the first to tell you exclusively about Alexa Chung’s possible involvement right when conscious uncoupling was announced (click here and here and here for refreshers) and ALSO because of The Narwhals, a not-well-known-at-all band. You could say they’re obscure. And I was the first to tell you about the attraction over “obscure music”. You remember that? Click here for a refresher.

But they’re just friends! She’s not the “Magic”! She can’t be the Sky Full Of Stars! And he’s definitely not a cliché thirty-something who fell in love with a girl with big eyes and an iPhone full of unpopular songs.