Before Halloween I didn’t really know, nor care, who Julianne Hough was. To me, she was the mediocre girl in Rock of Ages. Now she’s the girl who went out for Halloween in blackface. I think she got off way too easy and I still can’t decide if it was a stunt. Why would she leave her hair blonde and her eyes blue? I mean, if you are going to do that to your face because of your commitment to the character, why not go all the way? Because she still wanted to be easily recognized, that’s why.

US Weekly reports that it was Isla Fisher who told Julianne to go in the bathroom and wipe her face. Isla’s rep denied it, but the source said it’s because Isla was mortified and tried to intervene before Julianne was photographed. I prefer to think it’s because Isla had a, “Um, are you in blackface?!” reaction, like most of us would.

So, even though Julianne’s friends (it was a group costume) didn’t point out that she was doing something incredibly offensive and stupid, at least another celebrity could. And a celebrity who is way higher up in the hierarchy; I don’t even know how Julianne Hough could be invited to the same party as Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher. Shouldn’t Julianne be spending Halloween with the likes of Ebola Paris Hilton? It would definitely be down with blackface.