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Kevin Tsujihara’s sexting mess

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 11, 2019 15:22:05 March 11, 2019 15:22:05

What is it with CEOs and sexting scandals? On the heels of Jeff Bezos comes Warner Brothers’ boss Kevin Tsujihara, who landed in hot water after The Hollywood Reporter published a story last week about an affair and text messages exchanged between Tsujihara and actress Charlotte Kirk. Full Story

The new Royal Social

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 5, 2019 14:49:58 March 5, 2019 14:49:58
Dominic Lipinski/ WPA Pool/ Getty Images

Kensington Palace yesterday announced their new social media policy for their channels in an attempt to get rid of some of the trash in the comments. If you’ve spent any time at all online, and I’m assuming you have because you are here, I’m sure you’re familiar with the f-cksh-t that goes on in any comments section, let alone the royal one. Full Story

Johnny Depp sues Amber Heard 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 4, 2019 15:40:41 March 4, 2019 15:40:41
Pascal Le Segretain/ Victor Boyko/ Getty Images

Johnny Depp has filed a $50 million defamation suit against Amber Heard objecting to the op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post in December about what she says she experienced when she came forward as a survivor of domestic violence. According to Johnny, it was all an “elaborate hoax” that was meant to “advance her career”. Full Story

Emma Thompson quits over John Lasseter

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 27, 2019 15:15:45 February 27, 2019 15:15:45
Dave J Hogan/ Getty Images

If you recall, John Lasseter, impresario of Pixar, left Pixar last year amid allegations of inappropriate conduct with female staff. He got an exceptionally kind and gentle send off from Disney, being given months to ease out the door, golden parachute dragging behind him. Full Story

Jamie Foxx’s single Oscars

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 26, 2019 20:12:03 February 26, 2019 20:12:03

Like everyone else, Jamie Foxx was in LA for Oscar weekend and hit up several parties, including a benefit gala, where he was the host, and while on stage at one point, referring to couples and romance, he decided to just casually mention, with a microphone in his own face, that “I’m single Full Story

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Dear Gossips,

I’m not saying this to be smug… but …didn’t we always know that Ryan Adams was a douchebag? From way back in 2008, when he and Mandy Moore first broke up. At the time, supposedly, he couldn’t handle all the attention.  Read Full Intro

Thomas Markle’s weekend dump

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 11, 2019 13:53:02 February 11, 2019 13:53:02
Clive Mason/ Getty Images

I mean, it’s not like you weren’t expecting it, right? I was expecting it. Last week, when PEOPLE’s “The Truth About Meghan” cover story dropped, with comments from five of her friends advocating on her behalf, I wrote that Full Story