Drake and Hailey Baldwin were reportedly getting close at his Memorial Day party this weekend.  And last night they were seen at the same restaurant in LA which means they hooked up for dinner. Two in a row makes a … situation. Definitely a situation. Perhaps a complicated situation.

As you know, Hailey is tight with Justin Bieber. JB and Drake are friends. Little brother and big brother. Remember, JB flew in to Toronto for Drake’s album release a few weeks ago – click here for a refresher. JB’s been posting some sad Instagram messages the last couple of days:


There was nothing that I could do

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Is JB sharing his feels with us about Drake and Hailey? Or is this just more of the feelings he’s been having recently?

As for how serious this situation might be between Drake and Hailey, well, Rihanna’s in New York. So I feel like it’s whatever it is until Rihanna decides she wants to be part of the conversation. Is that unfair?