I posted on Monday about how Drake was at Jennifer Lopez’s Vegas show this past weekend for the second weekend in a row. It was her final All I Have residency performance of 2016. She will resume in February. On Monday night, according to TMZ, Drake and JLO were together again in LA at his private party at Delilah. She was his guest. And while TMZ’s sources say they two are “working on a music project”, they’re also saying “it’s only a matter of time”. That they’re not quite dating yet, but that it’s apparently super obvious that the two are “going in that direction”. Something to look forward to in 2017? What we were supposed to be looking from Drake this month was the new album, More Life, which has been pushed to early 2017. New music, new relationship, he’s always been really good at the blurring the two at exactly the right time. And JLO has experience there too. Next year, JLO will continue the Vegas residency, is planning on releasing a Spanish album, and will star in Bye Bye Birdie live on NBC. She also spent most of this fall shooting the second season of NBC’s Shades of Blue. That, actually, might be JLO’s most significant relationship with now: JLO and NBC go deep.

So it makes sense then, given what her schedule has been, that just as TMZ was teasing us about whatever possibilities are happening between her and Drake her manager was confirming that she’s cancelled her New Year’s Eve club commitment in Miami “citing personal and family time”. She is, however, still scheduled to perform part of her All I Have show on NBC’s New Year’s Eve With Carson Daly. It’s unclear – at least to me – whether or not she’ll actually be in Times Square with the live broadcast or if they’ll be taking the performance on satellite from somewhere else. Again, I need to mention that Mimi is doing Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, also from Times Square. Imagine if they scheduled it concurrently?

So where does this leave Drake? Well he’s doing NYE in Vegas. So if JLO’s in New York for NYE, it still means they’re apart. If, however, they’re coming to her on satellite from LA or even Vegas…well… it’s looking a lot better.

Here she is shopping at Barneys in Beverly Hills a couple of days ago. For real though, how cold is it in LA?!?