The AMAs cutaways consisted mostly of Fifth Harmony or random seat fillers (or Instagram stars? I have no idea) so I was surprised when Drake showed up. He was nominated for a record 13 AMAs but he wasn’t a performer and he wasn’t presenting so he didn’t have a solid reason to be there like the other real celebs who gifted the show with their presence.

It wasn’t clear why Drake showed up, not only to accept his awards but also to hang out during The Weeknd’s performance so the show could get its best cutaway of the night, considering Drake and The Weeknd’s complicated history. It wasn’t clear until Jay Pharaoh introduced the “sequel” to Taylor Swift’s Apple Music ad – you know, the one where she’s rapping along to Drake’s Jumpman and falls off her treadmill?
Well, last night, Drake’s “sequel” was released and it’s EXACTLY why he showed up. The commercial gives us a glimpse at Drake’s workouts that is supposed to be a joke but I would bet that Drake actually pounds his chest and points to the sky while he’s doing bench presses. Then, he starts singing along to Bad Blood. Of all the Taylor Swift songs in all of Apple Music, Drake chose to sing along to the most petty AF Swift jam. They are perfect for each other.

A few weeks ago, Lainey pegged Taylor and Drake as the “Apple Couple” and called their rumoured, probably strictly professional pairing “Bad Blood on maximum potency.” (Lainey: ahem, am I an oracle?) Drake loves talking sh-t about his enemies and his past relationships in his songs. Taylor has made a career out of doing both. Kendrick Lamar, one of Drake’s enemies, gave Taylor a verse on the Bad Blood remix but it definitely should have been Drake on that song. Bad Blood epitomizes drama. Drake and Taylor LOVE this sh-t. If they were both zombies, drama would be the bloody, oozing brains that they would feed on to live.

Case in point: when Drake accepted his award for favorite rap/hip-hop artist last night, he ended his speech with “watch how you speak on my name,” an apparent jab at other rappers or maybe Kevin Durant? Can you really fire a warning shot like that after you just lip synced to Bad Blood?

Of course, Taylor was quick to share Drake’s Apple ad on her Instagram with a “YES” and some emojis with the hashtag #drakevsbenchpress. 


YES @champagnepapi 👍💪✨ #drakevsbenchpress

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Drake shared it too with the hashtag #SwiftGains.


@taylorswift 😂😂😂 #SwiftGains @applemusic.

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Aw, they’re flirting on Instagram. They’re totally dating! This is not even remotely a way to drum up publicity for each of their deals with Apple! God, they are SO perfect for each other. And they are so good for gossip.

Aside from a cute, fleeting reunion with Degrassi co-star Nina Dobrev, Drake was not doing it for me last night. That suit was NOPE and his glasses were AH HELL NOPE. I’ll leave you with my favourite thing Lainey texted me last night: “Why does Drake look like a skeezy investment banker?”