Drake went to see JLO’s Vegas show last week and the two exchanged cute callbacks to each other on Instagram. And this Saturday Drake was again seen in the audience at JLO’s show. Two weeks in a row?

A longtime reader called Devi was there and sent us these photos – thanks Devi!

As Devi said, look at that smile! Devi also reports that Drake was standing during the end of the performance and “seemed really into it”. He also apparently went backstage to see her right before the start. This is excellent timing because Marc Anthony has just confirmed that he and Shannon De Lima are divorcing. If JLO doesn’t have a distraction, the old habits become distracting. Let that be Drake then…although, unfortunately, they’re scheduled to be in different places on New Year’s Eve. He’s doing Hakkasan in Vegas and she’s booked for Miami and confirmed for NBC’s New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly. Meanwhile over on ABC, on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, they’ve got Mimi booked for a performance. Will it be at exactly the same time? 

Back to JLO’s love life though, Marc Anthony spends a lot of time in Miami and it would not be unlikely for him to be there with their children on NYE. How hard is it for Drake to get on a private plane and show up in South Beach on New Year’s Day?