Hold On We’re Going Home is on repeat when I’m getting my makeup done every morning before The Social. I love this song. I know it’s not the most original song. I know it’s not a song that will be remembered. But right now, for some reason, it’s my chill jam. And also, being from Toronto, we have a little Drake bias over here. If only Rihanna would get her f-cking head out her ass.

You know what I like about Drake, aside from the fact that he’s from Toronto and won’t ever forget it? Drake loves women, in the best way. These artists, they’re always going on about how their mommas raised them right when they don’t do right by their mommas at all. Drake and his mother are tight. It’s well documented their struggles, and his devotion to her, and how that devotion has characterised his relationship with the other women in his life. You don’t see Drake up in the club jamming himself on top of a random every other day.

Have you read Drake's interview in GQ from a couple of months ago? If you don't know anything about him, click here and tell me what you think. Those are thoughtful, not-canned answers. In particular, what he says about Chris Brown, and his own honesty about how that situation still eats at him, will give you new perspective about who he is.

I'm just saying he's more than a Five List, you know?

Here's Drake out in LA yesterday.