So Taylor Swift showed up at Drake’s 30th birthday party and he spent a lot of time with her and some say it seemed flirty which resulted in all kinds of rumouring that they’re hooking up. Then, earlier this week, Page Six reported that the two are actually working on music together. Drake recently announced that he’s releasing yet another album in December called More Life. Drake’s Views, released in April, is one of the top selling albums of the year, if not the top selling album of the year. And you already know that Taylor can sell. Also, as I mentioned last week, these two are Apple artists so a professional collaboration makes a lot of (cash money) sense.

And now, here’s what Drake Instagrammed late last night/early this morning? 


Is that velvet? 🌺

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Taylor like the post almost immediately

What’s going on here? Well, they’re being sh-ts, obviously. Stirring sh-t, I mean, which is what they both love to do, and they’re both good at it too. It’s not like they don’t know what people are saying and speculating. So when he’s talking about “velvet” like that’s what anybody’s thinking what it’s what nobody’s thinking, he’s been a sh-t. But he got what he wanted.

So, Taylor Swift, the songwriter, who’s already written two hit songs for other artists this year, might have written another song for one of the most successful artists to end the year. I’ve already written a couple of times this week about how she’s been leaning in to the songwriter identity, how she is working on music, but instead of new music of her own, she appears to be gifting it to others – and in multiple genres. Which is a way of claiming that her impact on music is much more broad and profound than she’s given credit for. Again, in my opinion, it’s an excellent business strategy. And an excellent “what’s next?” strategy after making headlines for her thirsty romance and getting served in the summer by her gossip rivals.