I’m still choked about Serena last week. I’m also choked that people are blaming Drake. They don’t give her enough credit when she wins and they can’t even give her credit when she loses. But while I can’t move on, she obviously has.

Serena Williams presented her Signature Collection by HSN yesterday at NY Fashion Week. Anna Wintour, a big tennis fan, sat front row. Right beside Drake who, at one point, was apparently vexed that they played the unedited version of Back To Back during the show. I guess he thought Ms Wintour and the fashion people would get all pearl-clutchy about his lyrics. Please. Like any diss track could ever properly capture just how mean those fashion assholes can be to each other.

As you know, Serena and Drake have been playing this are-they-aren’t-they game with us for weeks. Here they are backstage giving us some Photo Assumption to work with:

Does a hand kiss qualify as PDA? To me it’s not the hand kiss but the eye contact that’s telling. He doesn’t take his eyes off her face. Sometimes his eyes move down to her lips. And his hands on her waist…

F-ck that’s hot. And if they aren’t, I wish they were.