Last week I said I miss seeing Timothy Olyphant every week on Justified, and while Justified is not coming back, Timothy Olyphant is. It’s been announced that he will star with Drew Barrymore in a new single-camera comedy for Netflix, due in 2017. This is great! Not only are we getting Olyphant back—if The Grinder has proved anything it’s that he can do comedy—but Drew Barrymore, too! The show is called Santa Clarita Diet, and they’re both named as executive producers. Barrymore, of course, has her own shingle, Flower Films, and Olyphant got really hands on with Justified, so that’s not surprising on either part.

But the thing that has me most excited is the show’s creator, Victor Fresco. While yes, he does sound like the gumshoe hero of a mystery series about a detective who operates out of the back of a mom-and-pop pasta shop, he also created the short-lived comedy Better Off Ted. A lot of people did not watch Better Off Ted and everyone missed out. It’s a f*cking great show. (It’s on Netflix and well worth checking out.) If Santa Clarita Diet is even half what Better Off Ted is, it will be one of the best shows of 2017.