A few months ago, I got a terrible cold sore that eventually went away, but kind of left a weird discoloration below my lip that I haven’t been able to get rid of. Sorry to be gross, but it’s an appropriate analogy for this Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan story.

Lohan, as we know, is in Miami for Art Basel, appreciating art and doing yoga by the pool. Over the weekend, Barron Hilton (younger brother of Paris) was beat up at a party, reportedly at the behest of Lindsay. Barron said that he was accosted at the party for “talking sh-t” about Lohan, then beat up as she laughed and cheered on her friend who was giving the beating. Cops were called, no arrests were made. Yet. Lindsay denies she had anything to do with it.

So, this is the type of weekend behavior we’ve come to accept/expect from Lindsay, and, after Barron posted a picture of his battered face on Instagram (because, why wouldn’t you post that?), Paris commented, “They both will pay for what they did. No one f***s with my family and gets away with it!!” (I’ve heard the same thing about f-cking with her vagina.)

Now it’s Lindsay vs. Paris, again. They’ve been friends, enemies and have probably spent many hours in a bathroom stall together. Both have seen their fame peak -  Paris replaced by a one-time friend with much more marketing savvy and Lindsay replaced by every working actress between 20-30. But fame has much longer legs than success and we have seen the destruction the Ebola Virus can wreak on lives and careers.

In the early days of their fame and feuding, Lindsay and Paris didn’t have social media to use in their arguments and as much as these two hate one another, they will notice the uptick in interest generated from this fight. They live for this sh-t. And now they have an even more direct line than the tabloids and paparazzi– passive aggressive hashtags, taunting Instagram photos, Twitter wars. What if this breakout leads to Lindsay and Paris 2.0? We may need a Celebrity Centre for Disease Control.