I watched Gossip Girl and Pretty in Pink back to back last night. Just happened that as soon as GG was over, I found Pink on another channel. How do you turn away from Pretty in Pink on tv?

And while Ed Westwick’s Chuck is inherently more endearing, the similarities between Chuck and James Spader’s Steff (best name ever) are undeniable.

PS. Did high school seniors really wear pastel Miami Vice suits in 1986?


Some movies get better with age. I actually cried last night when Andie confronts Blaine in the hall about prom. When she pushes him against the lockers and screams that he’s ashamed of her and a tear leaks out the corner of his eye.

Not even a cold hearted bitch ass gossip can resist the scene at the end too when Duckie appears at the end of the hall.


Just as amazing as Chuck holding a rainbow umbrella on set today in New York. Lara messaged me during the first episode back last week and all she wrote was the following:

I would totally let Ed Westwick watch me take a shower.


But she’d also never tell a soul.

Because remember, Ed Westwick is a smarmy shame screw. Often the best kind.

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