Many Justin Bieber fans are now Eddie Redmayne fans...

It’s Les Miserables.

I was 12 when Les Miserables was first presented as a musical in London. That has a lot to do with my attachment to it, and probably many of you too. No one relates to that kind of DRAMA like a tween/teen, right? Click here for a great article explaining the Les Miserables/tween-teen connection.

With the release of the movie, a new generation of adolescents is discovering Les Miserables. And, naturally, they’re fixating on the story’s version of “the prince/vampire/hero”, Marius, as played by Eddie Redmayne. Eddie Redmayne is Tiger Beat now, a very good career expansion, making Les Miserables a very, very good career move where he’s concerned, having already established himself in smaller features and quirky independent films.

Eddie just turned 31 yesterday. He celebrated in Palm Springs at the gala on Saturday night and at a Les Miserables Q&A yesterday. God he wears his clothes so well. Is it me or do you see the Kennedy Family gene in his features? Am I crazy?

Also attached - some more shots of Eddie and his girlfriend Hannah Bagshawe from last month because you keep asking.