Edward Norton is currently promoting Collateral Beauty. Last week he was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I missed it. But a reader called Sarah sent me the video yesterday - thank you Sarah! - because during the interview Edward is asked about Leonardo DiCaprio. And delivers some good insight on Leonardo DiCaprio.

Edward and Leo have been friends for years. As Edward explains, even though he and Leo haven't done a movie together, they are close because of their environmental advocacy. And they went on a trip together to the Galápagos Islands. This is when Edward describes Leo's commitment to his devices. There's no way I can tell the story better than he does so watch:

Leo is that guy. Not that we didn’t know he was that guy. But to hear it like this from his friend, that he’s that guy, that asshole who’s constantly on his phone, looking for the party, where’s the f-cking party, bruh, the party is gonna be so lit tonight, bruh, all the girls are at the party…and they just turned 18!


But if they’re joking about it, doesn’t that kind of mean they’re condoning it? Oh that’s just our boy, our Alpha Wolf, that’s how he rolls, right up on the models as soon as they go legal.

Here’s Edward at the premiere of Collateral Beauty last night.