MUCH better than that useless piece of sh*t Sean Avery. And why hasn’t he hooked up with Ebola Paris Hilton yet??? They deserve each other.

So Elisha Cuthbert has a thing for hockey players. After Sean there was supposedly a hook up with the Habs’ Mike Komisarek, and now, I’m told it’s Dion Phaneuf and everyone in Calgary will tell you…he’s f*cking amazing.


Just signed 6 year contract reportedly worth over $6 million a year and he’s only 22…one of the brightest young stars in the league. And his c*ck just got a little bigger. Because he’s banging the girl next door.

Elisha has been spotted around Cowtown quite frequently of late, cheering on her man…made easier by the fact that she isn’t exactly booked back to back. The career isn’t so happenin’ so much these days. Probably why I saw her making super nice with Jason Reitman at the Night Before Oscar party a few weeks ago.

Another victim of Ebola, see?

Hopefully, Calgary, for the sake of your hockey team, Elisha doesn’t introduce Dion to the disease. Because if Ebola somehow manages to infect him, you can kiss your defence corps goodbye.