But first… can we play Photo Assumption with these pictures of Elizabeth Olsen with Jeremy Renner at Sundance this weekend while promoting their film Wind River?

That’s exactly the guy I’ve always thought Jeremy Renner to be. We all know a guy kinda like this, non? Who drops his skeeve on you at the worst time? It’s never a good time to be skeeved, but being skeeved at work, and in Lizzie’s case, work is during an interview, with cameras rolling, so you don’t feel like you can be like, umm…get the f-ck away from me, is a not unfamiliar place to live.

Or, you know, maybe that’s not an accurate assessment of their body language. They’ve worked together before, they’re both Avengers, perhaps that’s just how they vibe and this is nothing more than my personal preference lens warping a totally innocent moment. Jeremy Renner has never been my jam.

That said, the reason I’m writing about Elizabeth Olsen is to share some gossip that I heard recently. Remember when those shots of Diego Luna and Suki Waterhouse came out last week? Rumour has it Elizabeth and Diego were dating super undercover for a few months and broke up like riiggggght after the Golden Globes and then five minutes later Diego supposedly reconnected with Suki. As we saw when she was dating Tom Hiddleston, Lizzie can lock her sh-t down, and, unlike many who claim to want to lock it down tight, she actually means it. Looking back, with what we know now of Tom, she would have been the one who kept their relationship off the books. So if she and Diego were indeed together, it doesn’t surprise me that, now that it’s over, she left no traces of it.

Garrett Hedlund was at Sundance too. Why haven’t we thought of this before? I wouldn’t be mad at Elizabeth Olsen + Garrett Hedlund, would you?