If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t like to know anything about Game of Thrones while it’s filming, then this post is not for you. There are set photos, they’re not especially spoilery but they do show people standing together in ways suggestive of Important Things Happening, so if you’re spoiler-sensitive, bow out now.

Still here? Okay. OH MY GOD, ICE AND FIRE. It’s the Song of Ice and Fire, and we have them, the Khaleesi, the Dragon Queen, and Jon Snow, King in the North, meeting face to face for the first time. Ice and Fire! They’re together FINALLY! The last Targaryen and the secret Targaryen are united. And they have brought friends—there’s Tyrion and Ser Davos and Missandei and Theon Greyjoy, getting socked by Jon Snow who totally owes you one, Theon, you know you deserve that sh*t.

Question: Do we overlook the incestuous connection and root for Jon Snow and Daenerys to get together? Are we supposed to want that? I would like it if the Khaleesi remained a free agent, but she’s a queen and her hand in marriage is a political boon. It’s not likely it’ll just be Dany and her dragons forever. And the most likely candidate is Jon Snow, because there are no more Martell or Tyrell heirs, and marrying Jon would reunite the North with Westeros. She’s his aunt, which is gross, but Jon was so much more interesting when he had Ygritte around to bring him out of the sulks. So do we want this to happen?

Also, I got a little verklempt seeing Jon Snow and Tyrion together. The last time they saw each other was Tyrion’s trip to the Wall when Jon was checking into the Hotel du Blackness and Bad Times. I need to re-watch season one, but Tyrion rather liked Jon, right? They were both outcasts within their families. I think Tyrion saw something of his younger self in Jon Snow. (Jon was probably too busy being miserable and knowing nothing to notice much of anything at all.)

This meeting of major players is taking place on a beach in Spain, so that has to be Dorne. Has the King in the North been summoned? Or has he gone to ask for help with the ice zombies? It definitely looks like a parlay. Both sides brought advisors, and Daenerys brought Theon, who has Stark insight. So they’re discussing possible alliances for sure. How could they not be? They have a common enemy.

But there’s one person missing: Sansa. Is she back in Winterfell, running the show? If Jon Snow intends to be a general-king and let Sansa handle court politics, then he’s taken a huge step forward in his tactics and strategy, while also setting up Sansa as the next ruler in the North, should he fall in battle. Which doesn’t seem likely because I think he’s invincible, but that would be some solid political long game. Also, what are the odds that Jon Snow rides a dragon this season? The wait is SO LONG.