Emily Blunt and Jack Black were photographed in London today outside the BBC, beginning promotion on Gulliver’s Travels, due in theatres on December 22, hoping to contend for the holiday box office crown. Earlier this week, Sarah predicted that Gulliver along with what she’s calling “Pedobear: The Movie” ie Yogi Bear (starring the voice of Justin Timberlake) would be the two bombs of the season. Click here if you missed it. Pedobear however is tracking rather well. Because people have sucky taste.

As for Gulliver’s Travels – have you seen the trailer? It’s below. There’s Catherine Tate! I don’t have strong feelings for it either way. Doesn’t seem super remarkable, and also doesn’t look entirely hateful though, obviously, now there’s an entire generation that will be introduced to Gulliver’s Travels and not really know that the original story was, in part, an existentialist exploration of human social behaviour and governance. I suppose at the holidays, knowing Lilliput in only the best light is expected. And while some of you accuse me all the time of not being able to appreciate entertainment as “fun” without a lesson (re: my disdain of Dancing With The Sh-ts), in this case I think I can actually get down with the interpretation particularly if can be serviced as a segue.

And also because Emily Blunt is so pretty. I like it when her hair is super straight and she’s yelling at Gulliver that he can’t surrender.

But I can’t look at Billy Connolly without thinking Head of the Class. This is very immature and I’m sorry.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com