Emma Roberts is GORGEOUS. I mean, she’s really, really spectacularly beautiful. And the littlest thing ever. Skinny, frail, bored…

I interviewed Emma yesterday at the Sundance premiere for her new movie Homework, co-starring Freddie Highmore. Love him. Everyone else was wearing proper winter clothing. Rita Wilson showed up in some kind of shearling wrap, bundled and appropriate.

Emma was complaining about being cold and sick. She didn’t want to do anymore press. She sulked to her publicist that she wanted to go inside. She was also only wearing an open light silk blazer over a camisole and skinny jeans. So… there’s that.

Emma is 20. Privileged. Connected. And suuuuuuch a bitch. It’s thrilling to watch.

I was her final stop before she shut it down on the media line. Right in front of us, Dylan (camera) and I watched her spit out the instructions at her publicist – Fine, but this is the LAST ONE!

You know…

Sundance is about independent films that need attention and funding. And, um, she didn’t seem to be feeling too sh-tty later on at the parties and the lounges after her official obligations were complete.

So how was our 3 minute chat?

When Emma talks to you, it’s like she’s doing you a favour. You need to appreciate. You need to understand that the world is hers, that she is Next, that her Aunt Julia told her she was special. And Special people get a different set of rules. That is Emma Roberts.

In Homework, Emma plays the most popular girl in school. Freddie plays, obviously, the outcast loner. So I asked her where she, personally, fell on the high school spectrum. Her answer:

“I didn’t go to high school. But I was popular. I picked and choosed (sic) the people I hung out with.”

Dude, it’s even better when you hear her say it live. They’re showing it on etalk tonight. Heads up, gossips. We are catching a new bitch on the rise. This one has SO much potential. And this one will get worse. It will get a LOT worse. It will be amazing.

Photo from Sonia Recchia//Gettyimages.com