Rachel McAdams was in Boston a couple of weeks ago. At the time, Emma Stone was in town too, visiting her friend Jennifer Lawrence who was working on a movie with Bradley Cooper. I posted a Girlcrushes article about it here wondering and hoping that it was something to look forward to.

And, indeed, it turned out to be.

Deadline reports exclusively that Rachel is in talks to join Emma and Coop in Cameron Crowe’s new movie to start shooting in October. They say it’s a “funny, romantic” script and will match up to Crowe’s previous work on Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous. So...

Did we conjure it? (Of course not, but why not take credit for something we didn’t do?)

Here’s Emma in New York this week shooting Birdman with Michael Keaton. And here’s her boyfriend Andrew Garfield riding his bike...in a green hat. This is terrible. Someone needs to give him the Chinese on what it means to be wearing a green hat. Did Robert Pattinson ever wear a green hat?