Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are currently promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2. They also seem to be promoting the Spice Girls. It started, of course, as you know, in Australia, when Emma broke down over Scary Spice Mel B. Every interview since has been about the Spice Girls and her devotion to them. In London, where the Spice Girls were born, there had to be more Spice Girls + Emma Stone mash-ups. This time Andrew got involved.

They are always willing to play. See? Others would have refused. They would have felt self-conscious. Or stupid. Or everything. So many of them feel EVERYTHING. Sometimes you just have to feel nothing and stop caring and remember that you are there to entertain. Oh and have a good time.

They looked like they were having a great time again tonight at the UK premiere. Emma’s in yellow Versace. And – wait for it, here comes my cheese – Andrew’s just in love with her.


I know, I know.

But I’m so invested in these two I don’t know how to stop.