You’re about to punch me. Because the Oscars just ended a little over a week ago and already I’m talking about next year’s awards. Before you go for my face though…wait! This is about Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, does that help?

As you know, the two worked on Damian Chazelle’s Whiplash follow-up, La La Land, last year. It’s a modern musical set in Los Angeles about a struggling musician and a struggling actress who fall in love – while dancing and singing at each other, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire styles. Look at the photo that was released a couple of months ago from set:

You see the hard angle of his left wrist there? How sharp that is? And how high her foot is tucked under her hips? The commitment to this dance sequence! I’m into it. I’m really into it. And the studio seems to be too because La La Land was supposed to come out in July but they’ve now moved it back to December, when high-hope award films are typically released, which ostensibly means that they think it could generate nominations. And a counterprogrammed box office? Star Wars: Rogue One is due out at the same time. It will likely take all the money. But… around the holidays…when many of us are in a fanciful mood, and are supposed to believe in love and whimsy and these two are so fun to look at, it’s not a bad move, especially if they have this much confidence in it.

Attached - A selection of shots of Emma and Ryan together over the last few years.