This is Emma Stone at a photocall for Easy A in Berlin today, kicking off the Euro leg of promotion for the film. SO cute. Always.

Emma is just coming off her first hosting experience at Saturday Night Live. As you know, her good friend Taylor Swift brought her new piece Jakey G backstage to support her. I’ve been thinking about this – was that an upstage?

As for my feelings on the episode – I thought it was terrible. I thought her monologue was so done. How many times will we see the geeks in the audience thing? They keep riding that bitch over and over and over again. Sometimes I feel like they write and work harder for men than they do woman. I mean, traditionally the first sketch after the opening monologue is supposed to be the strongest right? And all they could come up with was the clearing house sweepstakes business? Weak.

The least weak? Les Jeunes de Paris. But that’s not enough. Emma deserved more.

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