They are so f-cking cute.

So Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield went to Australia a few days early to hang out. Their publicity commitments for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 officially begin today. Emma wore Chloe and I AM IN PAIN over how much I love this outfit so f-cking much and can’t afford it. They also put time in their schedule to visit the children’s hospital. And Andrew wore his Spider-Man costume. He loves his Spider-Man costume, yes. But he knew the kids would really, REALLY love his Spider-Man costume, right?

How could they ever accuse him of tapping out on that little guy at the Oscars?

OK but these two are the his-and-her adorable couple of Hollywood. So while Andrew’s dressing up to entertain the children, Emma’s taking over my heart with her love of The Spice Girls. During an interview she was asked about her Spice Girls devotion. Then they surprised her with a message from Scary Spice Mel B. And then she almost cried. And then she threw down some…well…see for yourself. I LOVE HER.