Love the white trim. Not sure about the socks, but they’re for character as Gwen Stacy as she’s here on set of the sequel.

The Amazing Spider-Man was on the movie channel last night. Jacek and I watched for a while after the hockey game. He’s never seen it. You know the scene after he breaks the backboard and gets in trouble and Martin Sheen gives it to him in the school hall before embarrassing him in front of his crush?

Emma and Andrew have a really cute moment afterwards when he tries to make a date with her but not really and I asked Jacek if he was into her and he was like, YES, totally. Thinks she’s really hot. Mostly for personality. Said that she has a spark to her, like whenever she’s anywhere, she’s the most interesting person in the room. She really is irresistible on screen, non?

I’m going to have a hard time with...

You know.

I mean, I don’t know why this is a spoiler since you already know that Shailene Woodley’s been cast as Mary Jane but LOOK AWAY if you have to.

Mary Jane’s appearance means that Peter Parker will fall in love again. Which means his first true love won’t be around. Emma’s hinted at it too. Gwen will die. See, I didn’t have a hard time with Rachel dying in The Dark Knight. Bruce Wayne was always so unhappy anyway, it just added to what was already there. But Peter was allowed moments of true joy in the first movie. To see that taken away from him, and whatever guilt/regret he’ll feel afterwards is going to suck. Necessary, probably, but sh-tty all the same.