At Chanel. Paris fashion week.

It’s Emma Watson, of course, with her one time co-star Clemence Poesy who played Fleur Delacour. And if you have no idea who that is… WHY NOT!!!???

Fleur did not appear in the film versions of OotP and will not in the HBP but, as you know, she marries Bill Weasley and shelters Harry in their cottage in the Deathly Hallows so it’s very possible Clemence will be back for both DH movies.

Clemence Poesy is an amazing name, non?

As for Emma – she’s kinda been a runway whore in Paris. Eagerly perched in the front row at almost every show. Her and Milla Jovovich. Like not even Dita von Teese goes to every show.

A lesson for next season, I suppose.

On the plus side? At least Emma looks her age. See? You can be stylish without being 30, Hayden Panettiere.

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