Emma Watson graduated from Brown University this weekend. Here she is at the commencement ceremony yesterday in Rhode Island. I love that this is still… monumental. That having a degree – in her case English literature – is still a big deal. She may have been the only graduate with her own security team but the excitement was the same. Universal. She tweeted about it with an exclamation point. You can see that on her Twitter. GREAT eyebrows, non?

I wish more of them, these young actors, would consider going to school. For the learning, obviously. But also to be able to experience something OTHER than Hollywood, to meet people who are not about that life, to live outside of that life, if only temporarily. Use it for artistic expression later on, use it to for perspective, ideally, but the point is it’s not useless. Especially for a young woman, who works in an industry that is so unkind to women, especially the young ones, it can build an awareness, and therefore power, that cannot be taken away by the cruel reality of show business.