Emma Watson last night at the Empire Awards, then clubbing with her new boyfriend afterwards, reportedly making out openly and even hooking up afterwards at a hotel. Which means she’s not dating Daniel Radcliffe, thank Xenu. It’s just too quaint, you know what I mean?

And for the 2 of you who insist on defending Miley Cyrus – how come Emma at 15 wasn’t grating like Miley Cyrus is right now? Don’t tell me it’s not the same either. That Miley is more famous than Emma was 2 years ago. Emma is Hermione farking Granger… if she wanted to be that famous, she could have done. And more.

Love the dress, love the cuff…love that she doesn’t have sh*t all over her face, and love, love, love that she still looks 18. How refreshing.

Source The Sun

Photos from Wenn.com