I wrote a long time ago that I’m not a believer in Iggy Azalea. Even when Fancy was getting overplayed and people were swinging their fingers back and forth reciting every lyric, nah, no, not a believer. I am also not a believer in Ed Sheeran, for different reasons, but that’s another conversation.

Iggy, as you know, fights with everyone. Every five minutes, it seems, she’s coming for someone on Twitter. What about Erykah Badu though? You think Iggy Azalea would step to Erykah Badu? Could she step to Erykah Badu? Last night at the Soul Train Awards, hosted by Erykah Badu, this happened:

When the Badu has no time for you, well, it’s the Badu. Like if you’re going to answer back to the Badu, wait, never mind I can’t finish that sentence because, really, WHO can really answer back to Erykah Badu? Not Iggy Azalea. Erykah Badu does not give a f-ck. And there are a lot of people who claim to not give a f-ck but actually give so many f-cks. Badu? Actually doesn’t give a f-ck. And she will f-ck you up while not giving a f-ck. So the best move to play here for Iggy Azalea? Don’t.