Earlier this week I posted about Erykah Badu giving it to Iggy Azalea at the Soul Train Awards. As a refresher, here’s what that looked like:

Iggy was off social media for a month. But the next day, she posted this tweet, seemingly in response to Badu’s side-eye:

Like I said in my original post, Erykah Badu lives to f-ck you up. So, early this morning, this:

But that’s far, far, far from the best tweet to have come out of this situation. Erykah shading Iggy gave us probably the most beautiful moment Twitter has ever produced. Possibly the greatest tweet of all time. Like, none of us need Christmas presents after this. This made my entire month. Let me set it up.

First, that Iggy tweet:

And @GeauxGabby’s reply to Iggy followed by an Iggy fan trying to defend her:

Following so far?

THIS IS HOW @GeauxGabby answered. It’s the answer of allllll answers:

Are you so joyous right now that you need to slam yourself into a wall?

Go for it. I’m slamming too. Let’s all take that energy into the weekend. Our dodgeball team is playing in the championship finals tonight against the only team that’s beaten us this season. And while our win would never compare to @GeauxGabby’s clapback mastery, we’re taking the inspiration.