Not really into men with bobs. Orlando Bloom is wearing his hair bobbed. And when he has to wear the bob fancy, he gets it all gel wet and pushes it back. Doesn’t work for me. He hasn’t worked for me in a long, long time. I’m not actually sure he really works for anyone. The reason why they think he still works is because they see him from memory. They still see him like this:

That’s not really happening anymore. I’m not sure when and how it stopped happening but it just did. And it’s probably not happening for Ethan Hawke either but, f-ck, there’s just something about him that I just keep coming back to.

He looks good here, right? At the Tony Awards last night? Am I crazy? Because I actually think he looks more than good. I think he might look hot. Also, I’m in Banff. Maybe it’s the mountain air.